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FIQ 2018 Report

I'm back in São Paulo from Belo Horizonte, where I was for most of last week. What a blast it was! I had always wanted to go to FIQ - Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos (or International Comics Festival), but it never worked out, with me living abroad and what not. Now that I'm based in Brazil again, I'm very happy that I got to attend it for the first time as an exhibitor, with my own table.

I made loads of sales, it was the best event for me sales-wise so far, so that's already great. But apart from that, I got to meet and talk to other cartoonists from all over the country (and the world), and that is invaluable! I also met some people who told me they already knew my work from the internet, and it was sort of a surreal moment whenever that happened. Made me really happy to see what I'm putting out there is connecting with some.

So, even though it was pretty taxing on my body (four 12-hour days straight with no one to help me man the table), it was reinvigorating for my soul. I'm feeling more motivated than ever to keep making and sharing work, and I'm already eyeing the next few events.

Top 3 Odd/Cool moments at FIQ:

3) When one of the other exhibitors came to my table and asked for a drawing of an alligator. (she asked everyone there, and apparently she does this every time)

2) When a kid came to my table demanding The Flash fanart, and when I didn't have any but offered to draw him one quickly on the back of my business card, his friends also asked to get one.

1) When cartoonists I admire stopped by my table - and bought my stuff!

Honarable mention to the cat that was roaming around during the festival.

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