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2018 Update

So, lots of news since I last posted. Let's see...

-I moved back to Brazil (though I'll be still going abroad as much as possible, so just wait).

-I launched the Portuguese version of this website. The blog is the only one that is still English only. That's because I haven't figured out how to have two different blogs on the same site yet. Bear with me here.

-I released Liget in Portuguese. Laura and I at Incompleta (our little publishing company) decided to really go for it this year, so we're really pushing our books around the country. We're selling them already in many different states at some really great bookstores and comic shops, and we've sent copies to some of our favourite publications and influencers. The response so far has been really great, and it makes us happy to see that some of you really like our work.

-I started teaching how to make comics in Franco da Rocha, a town here in São Paulo state. I'm really enjoying it. This is my first time teaching comics, which is something I've wanted to do for a while now. I've taught film classes before, and that was a great experience, too. I hope to keep teaching this class next year, and maybe teach one more somewhere else.

-I'm taking drawing classes at Quanta. This was also something I wanted to do for a long time. I knew that if I ever moved back to Brazil I would enrol as soon as possible. Since I never too a proper art class, I figured I should do this to improve my work. My teacher is Ronan Cliquet, who does Green Lantern for DC Comics, he's a great artist and a great teacher. A lot of the concepts we learn there I had already encountered in books and websites, but being there, seeing him do it makes it that much easier to grasp. I feel like I'm improving faster and my comics are starting to look better (to my mind, at least).

-Which reminds me: I'm working on the next issue of Liget. So far I have one third of it inked. I'm currently working on four-page story, and halfway through the pencils as of this writing. If everything else stops getting in the way, I hope to have it done by July so I can release it at FLIP. Then I'll do another issue and try to have it for Comic Con Experience, at the end of this year. As always, you can see some snippets of the upcoming pages on my instagram.

-I'm also about to get started on chapter 4 of Jesus Christ: Time Traveler. I'm excited to do it, Chase and I get better with each episode and it always gives me the opportunity to flex some different muscles than my personal work.

-I will be attending two festivals in Brazil in the next couple months: FIQ in Belo Horizonte and Feira Dente in Brasília. I'll write (in Portuguese) more about it soon!

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