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That's a wrap!

Yesterday, July 12th, I finished inking the last page of the my upcoming comic, which will be both my final project at the University of Dundee and, one hopes, the first issue of an ongoing series. To someone like me who comes from film, it very much feels like finishing principal photography on a picture. There's still work to be done, but the biggest hurdle has been conquered.

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Just like with a film it would be now time for reshoots, now it's time to redraw some things. I sat down today and went over the 24 pages to see what needed to be redone. Now this is a good exercise in judgement. It's not about being perfectionist. It's good to keep in mind that "done is better than perfect", as the point is not to endlessly try to improve the work, but identify which changes would actually benefit the comic enough in order to justify doing them. I have identified 21 panels from those 24 pages that I believe fit that bill. Most of the changes needed are minor, some can even be easily done on the computer. Only three of the panels will be completely redrawn. Next week will be all about doing these changes, scanning the pages, editing them on the computer, and putting together the issue. I still have to draw the cover for it, which I'm also hoping to do next week.

Today I am also putting together a list of reviewers, stores, and publishers to which I think would be interesting to send my comics. Now the question is, do I send the one I have now or wait another month and send the two comics I will have then together? I'm leaning towards the latter.

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