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Creating a Scene

I am working on the last story that will be on my comic. It's a six-page story called "Stupid". I have almost finished page two, so I'm in a good place to have everything done before hand-ins. Prior to this, I finished a two-page story called "Kraaiennest". I am very happy with the current output, I think it's my strongest work so far.

The first page in "Stupid" is directly inspired by a scene of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums. Initially I was going to use the scene for reference in just one panel, but as I was watching it I couldn't resist doing the whole sequence like the film. Here's a video of the panels in sequence using the same song from the film, from my Instagram account:

I am hoping to finish this comic by next week, before I go out of town for a wedding. When I return I will spend the following week just working on edits. There are a few things I want to redraw, and at least one of the stories will need grey tones.

I also plan on starting to put together the comic on InDesign. I don't have the pages or cover yet, but I can start designing the back matter and making decisions on where the stories will be (since I already know what they are).

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