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liget number one

bonus MateriaL

Here are some commentary, pictures, and even a couple playlists that relate to the stories in this comic.  

In the same order as in the book:

Stupid is not an autobiographical story, but it does draw certain things from my life. It was the last one I produced for this comic, and it became the first one in it because I liked the idea of having the rest of the comic separating the two parts of the story.

Even though it was my favourite script and I was happy with how it turned out, it is not my favourite story in the comic, which is funny.

There's a playlist I made for this story that you can access on Spotify.

The Box was the first story I wrote and drew for this issue. It is the first instalment of a longer story which will be serialised on Liget, 16-Bit Days. Also not autobiographical but inspired by my own childhood. As the story progresses the protagonist will diverge more from my own life and character, but this first entry is pretty much what it was for me.

There's also a playlist for it, but it relates more to the upcoming parts of the story, and it will keep getting updated.
Follow it here on Spotify.

One Day is not at all autobiographical, and my favourite story of the lot, which may be a sign that I should draw less from my own life. Anyway, this story was based on something I heard, observation, and trying to put myself in the shoes of the three main characters. It's a very short story, but I tried to convey who those characters were in those two pages.

Music When The Lights Go Out is inspired by what I imagine the relationship between Pete Doherty and Carl Barât of The Libertines, but combined with things from my own life, since I wanted to do a less sex-drugs-and-rock n' roll version of it. I think it came out quite nicely, and there is also a playlist for it, though I have to say I wanted to use Coeur de Pirate's version of the title song in it, which is unfortunately unavailable on Spotify.

Kraaiennest is the only true autobiographical story in this issue, and I like it that even though it's about my life, it doesn't feature me on any panels, and only uses the first person twice. This story was written in 20 minutes as a way of dealing with my leaving of Amsterdam (and everything that it entailed), and it changed very little when I actually drew it. Fun fact: I misspelled "Gaasperplas", writing it with one a on the "Gaas" instead of two. If you know Dutch, het spijt me!

Initial sketches for what became the cover and back cover

Deleted panel from The Box

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